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Journal last updated: Tuesday, July 17th 2012 at 5:41 AM
^_^ My first shiny Pokemon ever was Groudon.

I am currently breeding Rufflet. I will continue to do so until the beginning of next month. :-D

Please note that during foggy weather on the site, I do not click exploration Pokemon that have a status condition and require a certain berry. Other than that, I always click full parties (unless something occurs that prevents this).

My GPX+ shiny Pokemon (in order of being obtained): Godzilla (shiny Groudon, summoned by me), Snape (shiny Servine, male, bred by me), Nala (shiny Luxray, female, bred by me)

Goal Shinies: Female Shiny Vibrava named Sally (preferably Jolly-natured)
Female Shiny Absol named Ruby
Male Shiny Scolipede named Jacques
Male Shiny Bisharp named Ranger
Female Shiny Bisharp named Valkyrie
Female Shiny Kingdra named Sniper
Male Shiny Milotic named Milo
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