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 Two Lights

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From: South Korea
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Two Lights's Profile

Journal last updated: Friday, October 5th 2012 at 9:42 AM
I'm back. Yay?

I am ThunderStarf on some forums (PGN) and Shooting Starf on others (Nuzlocke). You can call me Starf, TStarf, or any non-insulting derivatives.

Proud leader of the Trinket Tower group
Anything in my release boxes will be dropped whenever all of them are full. No exceptions unless I see fit.
DO NOT SEND ME ANY BT CHALLENGES I only use BT if I have arranged a battle with someone before hand or to battle NPC's for cash.
Highest overall rank: 115 (Yay :P)
I like talking on PM's. Gives me something to do when I can't do anything on this site. So when you have the time, let's talk :D Just be careful... my school has banned access to the forums (though ironically, not gpxplus itself)
If you see me trinket trading, i only accept non-wulfenite items of equal rarity.

Shinies :>
7/16 Tailow, Cottonee, Spring Deerling (all random)
8/1 Cherubi (SWSH)
8/2 Numel (hunted)
8/21 Shelldar (raced)
9/10 Zangoose (hunted)
9/13 Staryu (hunted)
9/18 Zorua (SWSH)
9/19 Slugma (hunted)
10/10 Shiny Future shuppet (the 36st!) (random)
11/15 Klink (hunted)
11/27 Vulpix (SWSH)
12/1 Mawile (hunted)
12/8 Emolga (hunted)
1/1/2012 Shaymin (The 46th! Happy new year ;D) (hunted)
1/3/2012 Shuppet (hunted)
1/14 Lunatone (Infected with virus <3) (hunted)
1/20 Ponyta (SWSH)
1/21 Weedle (random) and Remoraid (infected <3) (Hunted)
1/31 Nincada (hunted)
2/14 Zackirus Spiritomb (hunted) (Happy V-day)
2/22 Houndour (random)
3/16 Slakoth (random)
3/30 Slime Slugma (random)
4/24 Samoo (hunted)
5/14 Trapinch (SWSH)
7/12 Roggenrola (SWSH)
8/3 Shuckle (hunted)
Two Lights has no recent activity.

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Kanto Legend (Dec 2/11)
Johto Legend (Jan 2/12)
Hoenn Legend (Jan 2/12)
Sinnoh Legend (Jan 8/12)
Unova Champion (Sep 16/11)
Master Explorer (Nov 25/11)
Corporate GPXPlus (Aug 8/11)
Social Network (Oct 23/11)
Great Success! (Aug 2/11)
Persistent (Dec 1/11)
Master Clicker (Aug 27/11)
Master Trainer (Jul 6/11)
Darwinist (Jul 18/11)
Creationist (Jan 21/12)
Master Battler (Sep 4/11)

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