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Journal last updated: Thursday, January 20th 2011 at 12:10 AM
When I click back I usually click full parties, but I don't always click back. Depends on if I'm on that day, or how much time I have. People in my Pal Pad usually get priority.

5/17/2010: Got my first shiny! I shall treasure my pretty Lotad. :)
7/5/2010: O_O summoned and hatched a SHINY Heatran!
7/15/2010: A Lickitung I picked up from the Safari Zone had pokerus! Or maybe caught it when I picked it up. Not to sure, but whatever!
8/16/2010 Shiny Poliwag! I've gotten a few shinies now, in a fairly short span of time.
8/26/2010 First completed shiny hunt! For the contest Pichu! I wonder if the prize will be a spiky-eared Pichu. :)
9/30/2010 Completed the Quiet Forest Exploration! Thanks to Foudre for all the Miracle Seeds!
10/2/2010 Hatched a shiny Magikarp! Well that was a fast shiny hunt.
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