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    Journal last updated: Sunday, March 10th 2019 at 11:20 AM
    Hi! I'm Keyda, a long time fan of Pokemon. I can remember my first Pokemon game, blue version. The rest is history :D

    About me: I'm a college graduate with a bachelors in chemistry. I like video games, reading, tennis, cats, cooking and want to see the world. I'm always looking for friends to chat with, so don't be afraid to say hi.

    A big thank you to those who click my Pokemon everyday. I really appreciate it. As for clickbacks, I do the best that I can to get to all of you. Sometimes life gets busy.

    If you only click some of my party, please click the egg closest to hatching or my exploration pokemon. If you click one or two of mine and I click 15 or more of yours, please consider clicking the rest of my party. Thanks and happy hunting!

    1/22/11: My first shiny pokemon: Shiny Skarmory!!!!
    1/30: Mass pokerus infection... did not expect that, lol.

    1. Get more dex entries to go on explorations- 100 entries reached on 1/12! 150 entries on 1/15! 200 reached on 1/22! 250 and 300 entries reached on 2/18! 350 reached on 2/19 400 reached on 3/15
    2. Get 1mil points *COMPLETED* 7/12/11

    Trinket Policy:
    I accept any trinkets I don't have. I don't care about trading within the same set, as long as it's around the same rarity. If you are an azurite or malacite and would like to add me to your paplpad and give back and forth without trading, please pm me and let me know. I'm more than happy to gift trinkets.

    Note: Ho oh Exploration: malamar, zwelious, fire Zoroark

    Dark Arbok, Carbink Servant x3, 2 shears, Vanillte+Heat Rock,

    12,518 (#8314) on Jan 1/11

    I got this record on New Year's day with the old system. I'm very proud of this and want to remember this record. So it will be here as my reminder

    gpxplus. /info/pLavH
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