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Journal last updated: Wednesday, March 21st 2012 at 7:52 PM
I still don't plan on releasing Scyther. I no longer have reason to, either, because a friendly user named Icon Shelter Dropped her Spiky Eared Pichu for me and I got it!
Hi! I love this site! How rare are Cypress Eggs in the Shelter...? *Wants Victini* Ooh, a Victini! *Grabs* Oh, no, it walked away! Can I have yours?
I am apparently really lucky with Shiny Solosis. I completed 2 hunts with a TOTAL of 27 eggs! Myelin and Axon might end up a breeding pair because Myelin is male and Axon is female, but Axon is far behind Myelin level wise and isn't likely to breed.
I'm keeping my Scyther. I am stalling on the current task. I'm fine with just 5 party slots, and I can get the Exploration Pokémon some other way. Therefore, I am currently unable to do Explorations. XD
Oops. I thought that "a fierce look to it" meant the egg was Dragon, and Kyurem is blue with yellow eyes, and... I took a Sneasel Egg from the Lab because I thought it was Kyurem! DX
I just found a Cresselia in the Shelter. I honestly almost reloaded before I realized she was there! I am so glad I didn't. :) Here she is: Cresselia
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