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Yggdrasil's Profile

Journal last updated: Monday, July 16th 2012 at 6:18 PM
I usually click eggs first and then pokemon so if I havent clicked your full party then wait a few minutes and I will.

My Policy on Adding me to your Pal Pad: I do not click anyone who adds me to their pal pad UNLESS they click me first. I click everyone whom I add on my Pal pad everyday and they click back however people who add me rarely ever click back. If you click back daily and would like for me to add you to my Pal Pad just send me a PM and ill add you.

I am a 22 year old college student so some days I do not click because I am tired or I lack time. Im Burashi on Deviant Art

My first shiny is a Nageki! Throh!

Shiny Hunts:
Oshawott: 24 Eggs
Mareep: 192 Eggs (bred by me)
Litwick: 113 Eggs
Mareep: 60 Eggs
Litwick: 368 Eggs
Cleffa: 274 Eggs (bred by me)
NidoranM: 240 Eggs
Bellsprout: 19 Eggs
Diglett: 371 Eggs (Lab)
Porygon: 708 Eggs (bred by me)
Dratini: 65 Eggs (bred by me)
Eevee: 19 Eggs
Squirtle: 242 Eggs
Cherubi: 15 Eggs
Horsea: 265 Eggs (Lab)
Bulbasaur: 360 Eggs
Budew: 455 Eggs
Nidoran F: 138 Eggs
Rotom: 69 Eggs
Zorua: 28 Eggs (Lab)
Cyndaquil: 251 Eggs
Chinchou: 15 Eggs (bred by me)
Charmander: 1017 Eggs
Horsea: 225 Eggs
Horsea: 91 Eggs
Horsea: 17 Eggs
Numel: 110 Eggs
Totodile: 512 Eggs
Phanpy: 214 Eggs
Totodile: 226 Eggs
Mareep: 190 Eggs
Girafarig: 62 Eggs
Chickorita: 33 Eggs
Vulpix: 152 Eggs
Bonsly: 56 Eggs
Cottonee: 147 Eggs
Timburr: 434 Eggs
Swablu: 505 Eggs (Lab)
Hoppip: 506 Eggs
Ponyta: 41 Eggs
Snivy: 145 Eggs
Snivy: 324 Eggs
Torchic: 138 Eggs
Grimer: 171 Eggs
Corsola: 192 Eggs
Caterpie 105 Eggs
Cubchoo: 295 Eggs (Lab)
Shinx: 379 Eggs
Solosis: 1294 Eggs (2 hunts 1st canceled for Mar SWSH)
Shinx: 134 Eggs
Pichu: 202 Eggs
Happiny: 45 Eggs
Ducklett: 289 Eggs
Weedle: 221 Eggs
Rufflet: 54 Eggs
Rufflet: 131 Eggs
Elekid: 570 Eggs
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