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Points: 1,523,311
Pass Orbs: 4,914

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Prize Points: 279
Ranking: 370
Joined: Wed. Jul. 14/10
Last seen: Tue. Apr. 18/17 (Desktop)
User group: Members
Viewing user: Ylin

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      —Shiny Ditto

    Lv. 100

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      —Shiny Bulbasaur Clone

    Lv. 100

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      —Shiny Charmander Clone

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      —Shiny Squirtle Clone

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      —Shiny Minun

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      —Shiny Plusle

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Ylin's Profile

Journal last updated: Wednesday, November 7th 2012 at 8:49 AM

Best Overall rank: #19

I need:
Legends: Any legend I don't have yet.
I can offer:
Legends: Any summonable legend.
Novelty: Any breedable novelties.
Unowns: Any one or several in my trading box.

===============~~~*Welcome to add me.*~~~===============

My Goals:
{Y} All eggs except Novelty and Very Rare
{Y} First very rare
{Y} Get one very rare from Event
{Y} All clones
{Y} shiny Munchlax [1/18]
{Y} shiny Magikarp [2/66]
{Y} shiny Minun [1/12]
{Y} shiny Plusle [1/33]
{Y} shiny Bulbasaur Clone [1/3]OMG!!!
{Y} shiny Charmander Clone [1/438]FINALLY DONE!
{Y} shiny Squirtle Clone [1/354]FINALLY DONE!
{Y} shiny Fossil Cranidos [1/1]OMG!!!
{Y} shiny Heatran [1/2]OMG!!!
{Y} shiny Winter Vunlpix [1/365]FINALLY DONE!
{Y} shiny Gulpin [1/163]
{Y} shiny eevees [8/1446]
{Y} shiny Larvitar [1/36]
{Y} All Unowns [28/71]
{Y} Mewtwo
{Y} shiny Gastly [1/69]

[N] 1~151
[N] 1~493
[N] shiny Starters [12/15]
[N] shiny Phione [0/0]
2010-8-11 Shiny BC
2010-8-15 Shiny FC
2010-8-15 Shiny Heatran
2011-2-17 Shiny WV
2011-10-7 Shiny CC
2012-11-1 Shiny SC
2012-11-7 Shiny Ditto
Ylin has no recent activity.

Ylin's Showcased Achievements

Kanto Champion (Aug 21/10)
Johto Champion (Sep 12/10)
Hoenn Champion (Oct 7/10)
Sinnoh Champion (Oct 12/10)
Kanto Legend (Nov 27/10)
Hoenn Legend (May 26/11)
Sinnoh Legend (Sep 6/11)
Unova Champion (Sep 15/11)

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