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Site-Wide Shiny Hunts

Sitewide Shiny Hunts are events held once every other month, at the end of the month, during which users hunt for a specific, pre-determined shiny Pokémon, and if successful, win a prize. You can sign up in the Shine Recorder section of your Pokétch, if one is active; check the help section for more information.
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Fastest shiny hunts Slowest shiny hunts Least eggs hatched Most eggs hatched Most shinies hatched Most eggs hatched (total) Vote totals
Zangoose, Squirtle, Gible
Opened: November 10th, 2019
Started: November 15th, 2019
Ended: In progress
Entrants: 512
Eggs hatched: 707
Shinies hatched: 1
Entrants: 209
Eggs hatched: 351
Shinies hatched: 0
Entrants: 166
Eggs hatched: 320
Shinies hatched: 0
Entrants: 137
Eggs hatched: 36
Shinies hatched: 1
Entrants: 168
Eggs hatched: 224
Shinies hatched: 0
Leader for: (never)
Entrants: 152
Eggs hatched: 215
Shinies hatched: 0
Leader for: (never)
Entrants: 192
Eggs hatched: 268
Shinies hatched: 1
Leader for: 18 hours, 5 mins

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