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Egg Shelter

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Welcome to the Egg Shelter!

What is this?

Welcome! We're Alex & Thomas, and we look after the eggs you see here. This is the Egg Shelter, where eggs other trainers release, as well as extra eggs laid in the Daycare are sent. We look after them until other trainers are kind enough to adopt them as their own - to claim or view information about an egg, simply click on it, if you have an empty space in your Party, and it'll be sent directly there.

How many Pokémon can I adopt each day?

Right now, you can adopt 6 more eggs from the Egg Shelter today. To increase this number, you may purchase Shelter Passes from the Shop, and if you have any, interacting with eggs and Pokémon around the site will further increase the amount you can adopt. Note that on multiplier days, this number is also increased.

What happens if the Egg Shelter gets too full?

At times, we find ourselves having more eggs than we are able take care of; to prevent overpopulation, we release eggs that don't find new homes 36 hours after they are sent to the Egg Shelter. If we find ourselves having an excess of a specific species, we may also release them sooner. Help us find a home for each egg!
Tip: You can also press "space" to show more eggs, or right-click an egg to remove it!

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