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Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunts are events that are held every other month, when there is no Sitewide Shiny Hunt. When a Scavenger Hunt is active, you will have a randomly-generated task every day of the month, on and after the 15th of the month, that must be completed before reset (11:55 PM server time) of that day. For every task you complete, at the end of the event, you will be awarded prize points based on how many tasks you complete. If you complete 1-5 tasks, you'll receive 3 points per task completed; for 6-10, you'll receive 4 points per task completed; for 11 or more, you'll receive 5 points per task completed.
When you complete the requirements for a task, return to this page or the main index to complete the day's task. This must be done on the day of the task. For tasks requiring a Pokémon, the Pokémon must have been obtained and hatched on the day of the task (consequently meaning you MUST obtain an egg, not a hatched Pokémon from the Safari), and in your possession when you return to this page (though it can be in your PC, Party, or anywhere else). For tasks requiring Trinkets, they must have been obtained on the day of the task, from Poke Chests (meaning, you cannot trade or be gifted them).

Scavenger Hunt Status: Inactive

The next Scavenger Hunt will start on 2019-06-14 at Reset (11:55 PM Server Time) and run until 2019-06-30 at Reset.

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