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 Neo Qwerty

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Journal last updated: Monday, March 28th 2016 at 10:08 AM
Go check out Buizie! They are the owner of Pinkie's sister Miracle, who is a Shiny Easter Lopunny!
Also be sure to look at Derpy Hooves too! They helped me get my Valentacruel and Future Shuppet!

Latest News
Releasing Mega Aerodactyls to the Safari whenever I can afford the Razor Claws and I get Aerodactyls from the Safari!

Currently Breeding
Magma Totodile, and various other novelties!

Friending Matters:
I'm on only from the mobile site, so I don't add a lot of people to my Pal Pad for now but! I click anyone who adds me! So feel free to add me! I'll try clicking back as close to daily as I possibly can!

So this is how my "battle" with Kyurem went. Go in with my level 70 female Archeops in lead, expecting to be owned. Open with a Rock Slide that knocks Kyurem to orange HP, close to red, Archeops evades Kyurem's attack. So next turn I throw my first Dusk Ball, expecting to have to use all 12... Wobble. Wobble. Wobble. Click!

I caught Kyurem in a matter of seconds.

Pokemon I Want
-Mega Scizor
-Mega Charizard X
-Shiny rash male Seedot (Feeny)
-shiny zangoose (zang/zer pair)
-shiny nidorans (descendants of king/queen)
-male calm Natu (Navajo Joe)
-shiny cacnea (born/hatched on oct. 31)
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