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 Neo Qwerty

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Journal last updated: Sunday, July 29th 2012 at 4:41 AM
Go check out Buizie! They are the owner of Pinkie's sister Miracle, who is a Shiny Easter Lopunny!
Also be sure to look at Derpy Hooves too! They helped me get my Valentacruel and Future Shuppet!

Latest News
My house burned down... And my Pokemon games with it! I'm looking into replacing and recovering some of the stuff that can be, but I have to ask for help!

Friending Matters:
I will add you because you were nice to me (in PM or a lot of party clicks when I'm looking) or you have an username I like (videogames especially). I will full click everyone on my pal pad whenever I remember to, and then anyone who has added me if I have time left. So feel free to add me! I'll try clicking back as close to daily as I possibly can!

So this is how my "battle" with Kyurem went. Go in with my level 70 female Archeops in lead, expecting to be owned. Open with a Rock Slide that knocks Kyurem to orange HP, close to red, Archeops evades Kyurem's attack. So next turn I throw my first Dusk Ball, expecting to have to use all 12... Wobble. Wobble. Wobble. Click!

I caught Kyurem in a matter of seconds.

You run a high chance of being added if your name makes me raise an eyebrow or makes my inner Megaman addict squeal in pleasure (protip: I'm even more guaranteed to add you if it involves Protoman/Blues, whatever you call him).

Trinkets I Want
-Anything sprited in the same style as the Gen4/5 games
-Not a trinket, but I wish we could delete them.

Pokemon I Want
-Shiny rash male Seedot (Feeny)
-shiny zangoose (zang/zer pair)
-shiny nidorans (descendants of king/queen)
-Fossil Tirtouga
-male calm Natu (Navajo Joe)
-shiny cacnea (born/hatched on oct. 31)

If you happen to be mass-dropping those, message me?

Items I Want
-Red orb
-Heat Rock
-Icy Rock
-Damp Rock
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